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Obama’s approval rating near record low as 70% say US on wrong track

Amid the nation’s terrorism fears, President Barack Obama's approval rating has plummeted to nearly a record low. It now stands at 43 percent, as seven in 10 Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction, according to a recent poll. The survey, conducted by the NBC/WSJ earlier in December, has revealed a 2 percentage point drop in Obama’s job approval since late October – close to his lowest ever of 40 percent, recorded on several occasions during his time in office, mostly in 2014 and 2013, according to Gallup daily tracking.

15.12.2015. 11:42:45 |

Ukraine's economy hits rock bottom

The Ukrainian economy is set to contract 12 percent this year, while inflation is forecast to reach 50.8 percent, according to the World Bank. The main reasons for the slowing economy and rising inflation are the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine and a fall in trade with Russia.

15.12.2015. 11:40:58 |

Russia proposes trade partnership between EEU, OSC, ASEAN countries – Medvedev

Russia would like to kick start talks on creating an economic partnership between the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Prime Minister Medvedev said at the meeting of SCO leaders.

15.12.2015. 11:36:43 |

Putin gives Russian Constitution priority over international court rulings

President Vladimir Putin has signed into law the bill allowing the Constitutional Court to overrule the decisions of international courts if such decisions contradict the principle of supremacy of the Russian Constitution.

15.12.2015. 11:34:22 |

Club World Cup preview - Barcelona favorites to win 5th trophy in 2015

The Club World Cup, which pits the champions of every continent against each other, starts in Japan today with European giants Barcelona FC the overwhelming favorites. The Catalan powerhouse could become the first team in the competition’s history to win the tournament three times, with Argentine side River Plate expected to be their closest competitors.

10.12.2015. 13:37:04 |

Smith & Wesson reports revenue growth from soaring arms sales after San Bernardino shooting

The US gun-maker Smith & Wesson has reported its revenue growing to over $143 million in the third quarter as firearms makers’ shares spike after the deadly San Bernardino shooting. Smith & Wesson’s stock rose by 17 percent in less than a week. The gun company, which makes a third of all revolvers owned in the US, has now raised its outlook for the rest of the fiscal year expecting net sales alone to reach $625 million by April.

10.12.2015. 13:31:34 |

Police shootings should be tracked by public health sector, according to Harvard initiative

The American public can’t tell for sure how many people die in police shootings each year. Despite the FBI’s new reporting initiative, a group of Harvard researchers now wants to view shootings as a “notifiable condition” – similar to reporting a disease.

10.12.2015. 13:26:00 |

Russian activists launch united front to fight ISIS

The Public Chamber and a major Muslim union will soon start a group called the United Muslim Popular Front for Countering ISIS. Its aim is to refute extremist propaganda and help believers distinguish true Muslim values from politicized prejudice.

10.12.2015. 13:19:04 |

Lawmaker proposes ban on Turkish real estate for Russian citizens

A member of St. Petersburg city legislature has prepared a bill banning Russians to own or even rent homes and apartments in Turkey under the threat of substantial fines. Independent deputy Vladimir Petrov wants the Russian administrative code amended with an article stipulating fines of between 150,000 and 300,000 rubles ($2170 - $4340 at current rate) for purchasing or renting real estate in Turkey.

10.12.2015. 13:14:52 |

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