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Turkey And NATO Invade Northern Iraq

Turkey with NATO's support occupies parts of Northern Iraq, thus making their support for ISIS official.

05.12.2015. 12:27:00 |

Putin wants Russia to become world's biggest exporter of Non-GMO food

Russia could become the world's largest supplier of ecologically clean and high-quality organic food, said President Vladimir Putin on Thursday. He also called on the country to become completely self-sufficient in food production by 2020. "We are not only able to feed ourselves taking into account our lands, water resources – Russia is able to become the largest world supplier of healthy, ecologically clean and high-quality food which the Western producers have long lost, especially given the fact that demand for such products in the world market is steadily growing," said Putin, addressing the Russian Parliament on Thursday.

04.12.2015. 15:38:17 |

We Got Millions To Break Up Yugoslavia: Former CIA Officer Says...

When the neo-cons and neo-liberals embarked on the mission to spread the universal values of liberal democracy the first victim was Yugoslavia. In an interview, Robert Baer, a former CIA officer, says that the CIA received millions to break up the country...Read the interview originally appeared on

04.12.2015. 14:57:06 |

Fifa hits new low as 16 more officials indicted on corruption charges

Football’s world governing body has hit a new low after 16 more indictments were made against current and past officials of FIFA. The sport’s name has been dragged through the mud over recent years as more and more allegations and evidence services, with senior figures in the organization being caught up in the scandal.

04.12.2015. 13:57:24 |

Moody’s changes outlook on Russian bond rating to stable

Ratings agency Moody's has upgraded the Russian government bond rating from negative to stable, citing the stabilization of Russia's external finances. Moody's attributes this to a macroeconomic adjustment that has helped to mitigate the effect of the fall in crude prices on official forex reserves.

04.12.2015. 13:52:52 |

IMF sees risk in further bankrolling Kiev

The International Monetary Fund considers further funding of Ukraine through the Extended Fund Facility program risky, according to its representative Jerome Vacher. If Kiev fails to live up to its agreement with IMF, financial aid to Ukraine could end. "We are entering a difficult time. There is a need for responsible policies to keep moving on the chosen path. We see certain risks for the IMF program,” Vacher told the Ukrainian Ukrinform news agency on Thursday.

04.12.2015. 13:49:21 |

Egypt wants resumption of flights to Russia

Direct flights between Russia and Egypt could resume soon after Egypt's national airline addressed security issues. EgyptAir has submitted an aviation safety plan to the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviation) seeking approval to resume direct flights.

04.12.2015. 13:44:14 |

Let Our Opposition Win, If Not, It's Foul Play: Cameron and Rahoy To Venecuela

After we democratically bomb countries and create humanitarian catastrophe on the shores of Europe, we want Venezuela to join our mission. Cameron and Rahoy write an open letter whining why Venezuela wouldn't allow the opposition to win the elections. The article appeared on

04.12.2015. 10:51:10 |

(VIDEO) War In Macedonia As Police And Refugees Clash: 1 Dead

One refugee was killed as police and refugees clash in Macedonia as our media don't reports on the events...Watch the video...

04.12.2015. 10:07:12 | Neso

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