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East Ukraine Rebels Made Autonomy Proposal Knowing Kiev Would Reject It

Recent proposals of East Ukraine rebels for autonomy under Kiev show that Moscow is actually trying hard to make the rebels conform to Minsk agreement, while Kiev is failing to live up to its obligations

11.06.2015. 14:29:20 |

UK's Top Foreign Policy Think Tank Split Over Russia Stance

UK’s prestigious Royal Institute for International affairs (Chatham House) has been turned into a vehicle for hardline anti-Russian propaganda, but not without dissent as some organization’s members and financiers dare defy the new pro-war line

11.06.2015. 14:18:56 | Neso

Why Russia Won't Cede Southern Kuril Islands to Japan

Besides emotive issues and natural resources, the Southern Kuril Island chain holds immense strategic value and is one of Russia’s main naval gateways to the Pacific Ocean

11.06.2015. 11:48:02 | Neso

Barack Obama: JFK He Is Not

50 years ago, at the peak of the Cold War – President Kennedy appealed to humankind’s better nature in a daring overture to Soviet leaders, a gamble that brought bans on nuclear testing and a safer world, a bravery that President Obama can’t seem to muster

11.06.2015. 11:31:33 | Neso

(VIDEO) 'US Drawing Europe Into Crusade Against Russia, Against Our Interests' – Ex-French PM

Speaking to French media Francois Fillon insisted that Europe is a dependency of Washington and must regain its independence

11.06.2015. 11:19:21 | Neso

(VIDEO) Harper's Visit to Ukraine Pointless and Counter-Productive

The fairy tale of good Ukrainians and bad Russians is getting stale. Crimeans are happy to be part of Russia Donbass wanted the same. Kiev government is facing anti-government protest, draft-dodging and desertion and is proped up by private neo-Nazi militias. Maybe it’s not a government most worthy of support.

11.06.2015. 11:16:38 | Neso

(VIDEO) West Does Not Have Ukraine's Best Interests at Heart

Which makes the idea Washington, the EU, the IMF and western corporations can somehow save it laughable

10.06.2015. 15:57:55 | Neso

Obama's Lies About Russia Are Becomig Bolder by the Day

Every modern war has begun with a US president spewing outrageous lies

10.06.2015. 15:36:20 | Neso

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