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EU ISIS Oil Hipocracy: EU Lifted Ban On Syrian Oil From Rebels In 2013

The EU lifted the ban on buying oil from ‘rebel-held-territories’ in Syria in 2013. And now they are wondering who is buying the oil from ISIS...?

03.12.2015. 17:35:55 |

Is Schengen Dead....?

The EU wants to allow all Schengen-Members to close their borders for two years.

03.12.2015. 16:45:29 |

Kurds & US Special Forces should be used to seal Turkish-Syrian border – Russian FM

With Kurdish militia and US Special Forces on the ground, there is a realistic way to shut off the illegal flow of oil from Syria into Turkey, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at talks with his Serbian counterpart, Ivica Dacic.

03.12.2015. 12:16:46 |

Most Russians want Putin to remain president after 2018 – poll

Two-thirds of Russian citizens say that after 2018 they would like to see Vladimir Putin or his personally proposed successor as president after the elections. Less than 20 percent of Russians say that the nation should choose someone with a different approach. According to a poll conducted by the independent agency Levada Center in late November, 57 percent of respondents would prefer to see Putin reelected as president in 2018. Eleven more percent said that the incumbent president should be replaced by someone he himself proposes as his successor.

03.12.2015. 12:03:16 |

Putin' Annual Address To The Nation: We Know Who In Turkey Benefits From Oil Trade With ISIS

In his annual address to the nation Putin again accused Turkey's government of supporting the terrorists.

03.12.2015. 10:24:38 |

Mission Accomplished: NATO Encircles Last Russian Ally In The Balkans

What does the announcement of NATO rally mean to accept Montenegro as a new NATO member...?

02.12.2015. 12:28:58 |

The Decline Of German 'Quality Journalism': Der Spiegel Lays Off 150 People

Der Spiegel has made an announcement that some 20% of their employees will have to be laid off.

02.12.2015. 12:19:02 |

Russians’ attitude to Western nations continues to deteriorate - poll

An overwhelming majority of Russians profess increasingly negative feelings about the USA, the EU and other Western nations, a poll shows. At the same time, 65 percent of respondents think Russia should stay its independent course regardless of sanctions.

02.12.2015. 12:06:51 |

Is Turkey Preparing to Invade Syria...?

Will Turkey escalate the war in Syria and even attack Russian Forces in Latakia...? Will this lead to a war between Russia and Turkey or will Russia pull out...?

30.11.2015. 16:40:25 |

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