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Migrants sue Berlin’s main refugee center for delays to welfare handouts

After weeks of waiting to get registered with Berlin authorities, a group of refugees and migrants have sued Berlin’s main refugee center for failing to grant their asylum benefits on time, which they were promised when Germany took them in.

15.10.2015. 07:20:54 |

Berlin calls on Moscow to make Donbas unrecognized republics cancel local election

"We expect Moscow to use its influence so that separatists cancel this election," a German Foreign Ministry spokesperson said.

21.09.2015. 15:42:17 |

Germany to Contribute 20 mln Euros to UN Aid Agency to Feed Syrian Refugees

German Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Muller stated that the government would donate 20 million euro to the UN humanitarian agency to supply Syrian refugees with food.

20.09.2015. 10:35:38 |

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