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Iraq Invasion By Turkey: We Will Stay

Turkey won't leave the occupied territories in Iraq, says the foreign minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu.

07.12.2015. 12:09:11 |

Turkey And NATO Invade Northern Iraq

Turkey with NATO's support occupies parts of Northern Iraq, thus making their support for ISIS official.

05.12.2015. 12:27:00 |

(VIDEO) War In Macedonia As Police And Refugees Clash: 1 Dead

One refugee was killed as police and refugees clash in Macedonia as our media don't reports on the events...Watch the video...

04.12.2015. 10:07:12 | Neso

Texas sues State Department to block Syrian refugee resettlement

A Texas agency has sued the US State Department and Secretary of State John Kerry, among others, seeking to prevent refugees from being resettled in the state. Two families from war-torn Syria are set to be relocated to Texas within a week. The Texas health and Human Service Commission filed a lawsuit at the US District Court in Dallas, asking it to issue a restraining order and an injunction that would jeopardize the federal government’s resettlement plan. The agency wants a hearing to be held before December 9.

03.12.2015. 12:12:28 |

Is Nuclear War Possible And Who Would Win...The US Or Russia...?

Ukraine crisis, Turkey shooting down a Russian aircraft in Syria, NATO's expansion towards Russian borders...The world is in turmoil! Is a nuclear war possible and could it be won...?

03.12.2015. 00:55:39 |

Mission Accomplished: NATO Encircles Last Russian Ally In The Balkans

What does the announcement of NATO rally mean to accept Montenegro as a new NATO member...?

02.12.2015. 12:28:58 |

Worst in 100 years: Non-stop torrential rains ravage southern India (PHOTOS)

Thousands of people have been evacuated and a rescue operation is under way in Southern India, which has been severely flooded after several days of non-stop torrential rains, which prompted the closure of schools and factories and flight cancelations. The city of Chennai, capital of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, has been almost cut off from the outside world. According to local media, the rains have set a 100-year-old record in the city, which is home to about 6 million people.

02.12.2015. 11:58:22 |

Is Turkey Preparing to Invade Syria...?

Will Turkey escalate the war in Syria and even attack Russian Forces in Latakia...? Will this lead to a war between Russia and Turkey or will Russia pull out...?

30.11.2015. 16:40:25 |

Livingstone blames Tony Blair for London 7/7 attacks

Ex-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has directly blamed Tony Blair for the deaths of 52 people in the 7/7 attacks. He said the former prime minister ignored warnings the 2003 invasion of Iraq would provoke terror attacks in Britain.

27.11.2015. 12:38:21 |

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