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Russian warplane shot down at Syria-Turkey border

A Russian warplane has gone down near the Turkish-Syrian border after an apparent attack. Turkish and Russian sources have given conflicting reports about the incident, which has the potential to escalate the tension between Russia and NATO member Turkey.

24.11.2015. 23:04:03 |

Bomb explodes in central Athens outside business federation

A bomb has exploded outside the Federation of Greek Industries’ offices in Athens. The blast, thought to be the work of domestic groups, damaged nearby buildings but did not cause any casualties.

24.11.2015. 12:32:42 |

(VIDEO) French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle launches first anti-ISIS missions in Syria

Military jets from France’s Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier on Monday flew their first missions over Islamic State-controlled territories in Syria and Iraq and carried out their first airstrikes.

24.11.2015. 12:15:16 |

France and Russia aren't scared of ISIL

After a series of terrorist attacks in Paris and the explosion on board the Russian Airbus A321, ISIL shouldn’t think that they have defeated France and Russia, Jean-Maurice Ripert, the French Ambassador to Russia, told the newspaper Kommersant in an exclusive interview.

20.11.2015. 19:03:01 |

Putin ordered the MoD to cooperate with a French naval group against ISIL

Putin ordered the Moskva cruiser to cooperate with a French naval group in the fight against the Islamic State.

17.11.2015. 17:37:00 |

Washington needs “boots on the ground” in Syria to occupy it – Air Force secretary

Washington needs “boots on the ground” in Syria in addition to its air campaign against ISIS, which is not fruitful despite some progress. US Air Force secretary has admitted that “ground forces” is a must in order to “occupy” and “govern” parts of Syria.

11.11.2015. 09:29:37 |

This Is What Will Happen When You Eat Avocados Every Day

Youve probably seen avocados being touted as a heart-healthy superfood in recent years. Realistically, the truth isnt too far off from the hype. The next time youre grabbing that burrito or turkey sandwich, you might want to consider adding a healthy dollop of guacamole. Here are four reasons that you should consider eating a little bit of avocado each day.

10.11.2015. 13:08:14 |

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations predicts the appearance of new kinds of weapons

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations predicts the appearance of completely new kinds of weapons. RBTH tries to get a handle on which weapons threaten Russia and gauge Russia’s preparedness.

09.11.2015. 16:31:54 |

(VIDEO) Sinai crash: St.Petersburg’s bells toll for each of 224 victims as new intel says bomb to blame

Thousands of people in St. Petersburg’s main cathedral commemorated the victims of the plane crash in the Sinai desert on October 31. Experts are homing in on the cause of the incident, while thousands remain stranded in Egypt as flights are suspended.

09.11.2015. 11:12:48 |

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