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Russia, EU equally interested in success of reforms in Moldova

Neither will benefit from a weak neighbor that brings with it financial black holes, organized crime, trafficking and uncontrolled migration, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe says.

11.08.2015. 08:00:08 |

Could America Win a Nuclear War Against Russia?

During the Cold War the US was ready to sacrifice 40 million Americans to destroy Russia.

10.08.2015. 10:30:46 | Mihajlo Doknic

Operation Storm: Croatia’s Triumph, Serbia’s Grief

Croatia this week celebrated its defeat of Serb rebels during Operation Storm 20 years ago, but Serbia mourns the hundreds killed and the 200,000 who became refugees.

07.08.2015. 16:30:46 |

China's Development of Eurasia Is Fundamentally Altering World Power Balance

This article is a must read to grasp the sheer number of projects currently under development by China. Once completed, these massive projects will fundamentally change the world and shift world power from control of air and sea to control of the vast Eurasian land mass

12.06.2015. 08:55:19 |

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