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EU ISIS Oil Hipocracy: EU Lifted Ban On Syrian Oil From Rebels In 2013

The EU lifted the ban on buying oil from ‘rebel-held-territories’ in Syria in 2013. And now they are wondering who is buying the oil from ISIS...?

03.12.2015. 17:35:55 |

Europe Rewards Sultan’s Blackmail-Policies...

Today’s concessions - 3bn euros to stop the refugee influx and the re-start of Turkey's EU accession talks - made by the EU on the 'Refugee-Summit' can be seen as a reward for Turkey’s blackmail-policies using refugees and geo-political interests of NATO as means to reach political goals.

29.11.2015. 19:18:13 | Neso

(VIDEO) Sultan's Values...

Are we - Europeans - going to defend these values (Sultan Erdogan Values) against Russia...?

28.11.2015. 15:04:38 | Neso

Is Sultan’s Act of Cowerdice Burying NATO...?

Are European NATO members really keen on defending Sultan’s values against Russia...?

27.11.2015. 15:55:58 | Mihajlo Doknic

Obama Seeks to Meet Putin in New York

NYT headlines the piece 'Obama and Putin Seek to Meet' but their text reveals it's actually Obama seeking the meeting 'if it can be arranged'.

24.09.2015. 12:00:47 |

UN Security Council Must Implement Reforms to Stay Relevant – Former Chief

Kofi Annan urged the UN Security Council to adapt to the changing world.

23.09.2015. 16:07:24 |

UN Security Council would lose relevance without Russia’s veto – Churkin

Without Russia’s veto power, the United Nations Security Council would just be a rubber stamp for decisions made by the US and other Western powers, eliminating possibility for consensus on important international issues, Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin told RT.

23.09.2015. 09:20:09 |

Red Neoliberals: How Corbyn’s Victory Unmasked Britain’s Guardian

In autumn 2002 Ed Vulliamy, a correspondent for Britain’s Sunday Observer newspaper, stumbled on a terrible truth that many of us already suspected.

22.09.2015. 19:20:12 |

How Greece’s Creditors Crushed Syriza

As the final votes poured in last January, Greece seemed primed for a political earthquake.

22.09.2015. 09:00:33 |

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