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Five of the Paris terrorists identified

French authorities have identified five terrorists out of seven killed while staging attacks in Paris on Friday. Their relatives have been detained and are being questioned. Unofficial reports suggest one of the attackers was just 15 years old.

15.11.2015. 21:05:36 |

Putin about Paris massacre

According to the latest reports, 8 terrorists were killed in the attacks, most of them died after detonating explosive-laden belts.

14.11.2015. 10:34:30 |

Eyewitnesses at Bataclan theatre thought shots are part of the concert

Spectators who were in attendance at the concert at the Bataclan theater in Paris thought at first that the deadly shooting was just part of the show, according to RIA Novosti.

14.11.2015. 10:29:43 |

Head of Russian Drug Control Service Awarded International Prize

Viktor Ivanov was given a special award by the Jury of the international world-renowned Giuseppe Sciacca award.

08.11.2015. 18:09:31 |

Russians outraged after Charlie Hebdo cartoons ‘mocks’ Sinai plane crash

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published two cartoons about the Russian passenger plane crash in Egypt. A Russian parliamentarian has called the cartoons an insult to the memory of the victims to Russia’s deadliest air accident in history, which took the lives of 224 people.

06.11.2015. 13:53:07 |

Turkey arrests opposition journalists for ‘plotting coup’ in wide-ranging crackdown

Two editors of a leftist Turkish magazine were arrested in Istanbul for publishing a controversial cover on the same day 58 opposition journalists were fired and 57 more people arrested on charges of being a “terror group.”

04.11.2015. 11:01:59 |

Greek mayor - we ran out of burrial ground after refugee influx

A surge in the number of bodies of refugees whose boats capsized as they desperately tried to reach Europe has filled the burial grounds of the Greek island of Lesbos to capacity, the island’s mayor said, adding that over 50 bodies remain unburied.

03.11.2015. 15:33:05 |

US satellite detected heat flash that caused crash of Russian airliner

The heat flash may not be related to the crash since the Sinai Peninsula is a volatile place with regular military activity, a Pentagon official told ABC News.

03.11.2015. 15:25:04 |

What caused the crash of the Russian airliner in Egypt?

The investigating authorities have not yet released an official explanation of what caused Oct. 31 plane crash in Egypt, which killed all 224 people onboard. However, experts have come up with three different possible explanations of what happened. They share one common thread: the plane broke into pieces while still in the air at a high altitude due to an explosive decompression of the cabin.

02.11.2015. 16:22:23 |

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