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Ukraine to try to beat Russia at UN Security Council

Ukraine will be elected to the UN Security Council automatically, because there is no other candidate for the non-permanent membership from the Eastern European group. Thus, starting from 1 January 2016, Ukraine will be staging anti-Russian provocations at the UN Security Council for two years. How will Russian diplomats be responding?

22.09.2015. 15:00:58 |

Ukraine will be a 100% unitary state, no federalization - Poroshenko

Poroshenko: Ukraine is, was, and will be a 100% unitary state.

11.09.2015. 11:18:00 |

Poroshenko to suspend Ukrainian constitutional changes if Minsk agreements are disrupted

The Ukrainian president admitted, however, that the Minsk agreements are working at the moment.

09.09.2015. 16:01:19 |

Ukraine’s Great Fire Sale to Fund the War

Ukraine wants to sell 345 state-owned companies - but what outside investor will buy a company in a country where there is civil war? Moreover, Russian money is not welcome.

08.09.2015. 15:55:39 |

Putin: ‘Ukraine situation depends on its people’s patience, not on Russia'

President Vladimir Putin has said that the further development of the Ukrainian crisis depended on the patience of the Ukrainian people, who might one day decide to end the “bacchanalia” performed by the Kiev regime.

04.09.2015. 16:10:10 |

Ukraine Endless War: Kiev Offensive Operation Against Donbass Could Begin Anytime

Kiev, backed by Washington, has already mobilized its military forces for an all-out war against Donbass, US author Stephen Lendman stresses, adding that President Poroshenko has proliferated numerous Big Lies about the Ukrainian civil war since taking office last year.

30.08.2015. 12:04:59 |

Ukrainian sniper kills civilian in Donetsk — DPR

According to the local administration, a woman was killed by a shot at the head from a VSU sniper

26.08.2015. 23:30:41 |

Lavrov: Poroshenko pushes ‘Russian aggression against Europe’ barrow as smokescreen

The Ukrainian president uses Russophobic rhetoric to distract attention from his inability to fulfill the Minsk Agreements, Russia’s foreign minister says, warning the current situation in eastern Ukraine resembles a build-up to war.

18.08.2015. 07:56:19 |

Kiev dismisses LPR reports about lethal weapons supplied from Poland, Italy

A representative of the emergencies ministry of the self-proclaimed republic said earlier Kiev forces were using mines received from Poland and Italy.

15.08.2015. 18:00:14 |

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