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Kiev wants to impose sanctions against 1,124 Russian individuals, 156 corporations

The list of the persons and enterprises to be subjected to sanctions has been submitted to the National Council for Security and Defense.

12.08.2015. 20:30:51 |

Criminal case on corruption charges opened against Ukraine’s ex-minister — lawmaker

"What is most important now is to see to it that Shevchenko doesn’t flee, like all other bribetakers," lawmaker Oleh Layshko wrote on his Facebook account.

09.08.2015. 11:00:28 |

Kiev court arrests senior Russian general in absentia

SBU investigations chief earlier said Gen Gerasimov and another 10 military stayed on the territory of Ukraine illegally in August 2014 during combat operations in the areas of Ilovaysk.

06.08.2015. 08:00:42 |

Experts: Ukraine has to seek compromise in gas dispute with Russia ahead of winter season

Ukraine’s national energy company Naftogaz will have to seek a gas price compromise with Russia’s Gazprom in order not to freeze Ukrainian citizens together with European consumers in the upcoming winter, experts polled by TASS said on Wednesday.

05.08.2015. 20:30:00 |

Ukraine puts Russian General Staff chief on wanted list

According to SBU main investigation department chief, Russian General Staff and 10 servicemen were allegedly staying in the territory of Ukraine during the Ilovaisk events in August of 2014

05.08.2015. 19:30:02 |

Lukashenko: To end conflict in Ukraine Russia, US must come to negotiating table

According to the Belarusian president, this is the main thing and everything else is of secondary importance.

04.08.2015. 19:38:30 |

Kremlin doubts veracity of OSCE data on Russian military presence in Ukraine conflict area

Vladimir Putin's press secretary said he didn't know "how things stand with these statements this time" and noted that the issue was "more within the competence of the Russian Defense Ministry".

04.08.2015. 15:59:05 |

East Ukraine Rebels Made Autonomy Proposal Knowing Kiev Would Reject It

Recent proposals of East Ukraine rebels for autonomy under Kiev show that Moscow is actually trying hard to make the rebels conform to Minsk agreement, while Kiev is failing to live up to its obligations

11.06.2015. 14:29:20 |

(VIDEO) Harper's Visit to Ukraine Pointless and Counter-Productive

The fairy tale of good Ukrainians and bad Russians is getting stale. Crimeans are happy to be part of Russia Donbass wanted the same. Kiev government is facing anti-government protest, draft-dodging and desertion and is proped up by private neo-Nazi militias. Maybe it’s not a government most worthy of support.

11.06.2015. 11:16:38 | Neso

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