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4 in 10 Danish Muslims want Koran to be used in Denmark’s laws

Almost 40 percent of Danish Muslims would like to see the country’s laws based partly on the Koran, according to a poll for Jyllands-Posten. Anti-immigration supporters say the results show “the number of Muslims in Denmark is a problem.”

20.10.2015. 14:59:16 |

NASA reveals first official findings of Pluto mission

It was meant to send back answers, but the New Horizons space probe flyby of Pluto is rather inciting more questions about the dwarf planet. But scientists are no less delighted, saying the findings document geological formations never before conceived.

16.10.2015. 13:56:45 |

Artist William Kentridge's incredible refugee premonition

More Sweetly Play the Dance

14.10.2015. 18:47:06 |

'Girl with Peaches' comes to life at the Tretyakov Gallery

Exhibition celebrating 150th anniversary of Russian painter Valentin Serov to open in Moscow.

06.10.2015. 21:20:55 |

Hermitage masterpieces to appear on bottles of Russian wine

The State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has given the Lefkadia Company the right to reproduce images of the museum's exhibits

05.10.2015. 20:06:33 |

ISIS terrorists blow up iconic 2,000yo Arch of Triumph in Palmyra

The iconic arch at the UNESCO heritage site in Syria’s Palmyra has been blown up by ISIS jihadists

05.10.2015. 20:00:20 |

Mariinsky Theater stars to perform at China youth arts festival

The festival’s program marks the 70th anniversary of World War II victory, and includes some 550 performances, operas and concerts.

06.08.2015. 13:00:30 |

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