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(VIDEO) Croatia refuses to accept refugees, partly closes borders with Serbia

Croatia has closed seven of its eight border crossings with Serbia overwhelmed by a huge surge of refugees turned away by Hungary. PM said Croatia will not accept or accommodate asylum seekers any longer.

18.09.2015. 16:45:12 |

(VIDEO) Germany may soon recognize Donetsk and Luhansk republics

Many countries of the Eurasian Union may soon recognize the two self-proclaimed republics of the Donbass - the People's Republic of Donetsk and the People's Republic of Luhansk, coordinator of the Eurasian Union of the Donbass, Anton Bredikhin said.

14.09.2015. 14:14:51 |

(VIDEO) Swiss police fire rubber bullets during pro-refugee protest in Zurich

A pro-refugee demonstration in Zurich has ended with riot police firing rubber bullets after leftist protesters intervened in the rally. People have taken to the streets to criticize European governments in their handling of the ongoing crisis.

06.09.2015. 14:51:01 |

(VIDEO) Calais Migrants: Life in the Jungle

Thousands of migrants are stuck in The Jungle - a refugee camp in Calais, France, hoping for a better future in the UK. Rare footage inside the camp shows life stories of some migrants.

28.08.2015. 09:15:52 |

(VIDEO) TV Interview with Gorbachev

He explains why the US has made a terrible mistake in pushing for world hegemony.

12.08.2015. 11:00:43 |

(VIDEO) Anissa Naouai: The Economist Knows Why Putin Takes Macho Photo-Ops

It’s all staged they say, he can’t do any of those things

11.06.2015. 14:16:17 | Neso

(VIDEO) West Does Not Have Ukraine's Best Interests at Heart

Which makes the idea Washington, the EU, the IMF and western corporations can somehow save it laughable

10.06.2015. 15:57:55 | Neso

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