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Putin calls for popularization of Crimean origins of the Orthodox faith

Putin compared the importance of Crimea and Khersones for the Russian people to that of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for the Jewish people and the Muslims.

17.08.2015. / 17:52:21

Source: TASS.RU

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for popularization of archaeological tourism and the Crimean origins of the Orthodox faith.
"Naturally, we need to develop archaeological tourism and everything, which is linked to the establishment of the Russian state and the Russian nation as such that happened after the adoption of Christianity by Prince Vladimir who then baptized the rest of Russia," Putin said at a meeting with the national associations of Crimea commenting on proposals to popularize Orthodox tourism on the peninsula.
"Naturally, it’s a very important thing. We should also pass relevant decisions at the federal level so that they could be implemented as you suggest." 
He also stressed the historical need to honor the historical memory of the Crimean war (1853-1856). "I cannot say that everything with regards to that war has been buried in oblivion like it was the case with WWI. They tried to forget it altogether. It is slightly different here [with the Crimean war]. But it is absolutely clear that little attention is being paid to it," the Russian president stressed.
"We realized ourselves as a Russian nation for the first time and forever" after Prince Vladimir had adopted Christianity in Khersones. The spiritual origins of the diverse but monolithic Russian nation started in Crimea," President Putin said in his address to the Federal Assembly in December last year.
"Crimea and Khersones have great civilizational and sacral importance for the Russian people," Putin said adding that they had the same significance for the Russians as the Temple Mount in Jerusalem for the Jewish people and the Muslims.
"We are going to treat them this way," Putin stressed.

This article originally appeared in: TASS.RU

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