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(VIDEO) Anissa Naouai: The Economist Knows Why Putin Takes Macho Photo-Ops

It’s all staged they say, he can’t do any of those things

11.06.2015. / 14:16:17

The Economist lists all of Putin’s activities:

…the tiger-shooting, the bare-chested fishing and horseriding, the encounter with a snow leopard, the aerial firefighting and serendipitous discovery of ancient amphorae while scuba-diving in the Black Sea. Most are so obviously staged and fake as to undercut their propaganda benefits—or so it might appear. What is really going on with these preposterous photo-ops?

Maybe Putin is just promoting healthy life-style by playing sports, fishing, horseriding, and spending time in nature. After all, with his 80 plus percent approval rating, he may be the best person for it.

But we think “The Economist” is just jealous. Activities of Western leaders are not as nearly as exciting.

Check out the video and come to your own conclusions.






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