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German lawmakers vote in favour of a new bailout for ‘lazy’ Greeks

Today, German lawmakers voted in favour of a new bailout for Greece. However, some 113 lawmakers in the Bundestag voted against this new bailout for Greece, of which 63 lawmakers are members of Merkel’s Christian Unionist Party, the CDU.

19.08.2015. / 16:40:07

As Mr. Bosbach [Member of Merkel’s Christian Union Party, CDU, who voted against the new financial package for Greece] put it: ‘The problem is not a lack of European solidarity with Greece but the lack of Greek efficiency’.
Somehow this statement sums it all up really. The whole hypocrisy and ‘racist’ attitude towards everything ‘South’: We Northerners are good and you Southerners need to be more like us, because that is how we want this [our] Europe to be, less Southern more Northern!
This attitude also implies that somehow the Southerners are lazy, and is also often used in public discussions on TV and in other media outlets in Germany. However, what those people [who use it] tend to forget is that those ‘lazy’ Southerners helped built their economies with their ‘lazy’ workforce during the second half of the last century. To see this, they would just have to walk through the factories of companies like BMW, Mercedes, Bayer and, surprisingly enough, they all have hired those ‘lazy’ Southerners to help increase their output and productivity.
This racist attitude is rather ‘part of the problem’ than ‘part of the solution’. And only when the responsible in Europe realise it and admit that the real reason for the crisis in Europe is not the ‘lack of efficiency’ of the Southerners or their laziness for that matter, but the Northern financial institutions and the European Agreements that favour the institutional structures of the Northerners and THEIR economies, Europe will start to overcome this crisis and become a Europe of all its peoples and nations.
If not, the crisis will only deepen!

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