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Two Germans Urinate on Children in Berlin...!

As some German newspapers mentioned it yesterday, two Germans first abused a mother and their two children in a train in Berlin and later they urinated on the children.

25.08.2015. / 11:33:52

Refugee shelters are burning, men are urinating on children in a public train, people wishing death to refugees on social networks and so on, however, our Media reports on:
- Luxury is becoming more expensive for the Chinese – (FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine)
- Scientists have discovered the secrets to eternal Youth – (Focus.de)
- How bad is it in China (Economy) – (Welt.de)
Yes, just let us not talk about the ‚big elephant’ in the room. Until it is too late to notice him!
However, next time a PussyRiot activist gets a nasty email it’ll be on every news station and in every newspaper…!!!

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