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Stefan Kornelius – The Interventionist Worrier, Russia Hater And Professional Liar – Calls For More Blood and Destruction In Syria

One of the worst Russia haters and Interventionist Worriers in German media wants the West to escalate the conflict in Syria.

31.08.2015. / 19:00:40

He hasn’t seen enough blood and desperation of those people fleeing their destroyed homes by tomahawks and ‚precision weapons’ yet, one is inclined to say.

In his today's article for SZ [Süddeutsche Zeitung] he tells his readers that Syria is responsible for the refugee crisis and if the West intervenes all will be good.

For him dead refugees in the Mediterrean See from Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan don’t exist, since this would mean that he’d have to admit that the military interventions of the West are directly responsible for the current refugee streams from North Africa and the Middle East.

He claims:
This is the most important learning from this Refugee-summer [this term alone shows his contempt for human life outside of Western-borders], which will stay with us for many years to come: Europeans can’t keep these conflicts at a distance; they can’t run away from them. If the West doesn’t take on these conflicts then the conflicts will take on the West.

However, Mr Kornelius forgets to mention that the West has taken on many of these conflicts in the last two decades and created chaos and destruction in these countries. The result is that people flee chaos and destruction that was brought upon them by tomahawks and precision bombs.

And I say: just stop the bombing and the destruction of those countries and people will not flee anymore.

Why is it difficult to understand…?

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