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GMO-free zone: Germany tells EU it bans genetically modified crops cultivation

01.10.2015. / 09:21:44

Source: RT

Photo: © Dave Kaup / Reuters

 Germany has opted out of cultivating GMO crops on its territory, informing the EU Commission of the move and in the process joining Poland, France, Scotland and several other member states. The October 3 deadline for EU GMO decisions is looming.

The German Agriculture Ministry has notified the European Commission that the country will not allow the growth of GMO crops on its territory.
“The cultivation of genetically modified corn is incompatible with the use of arable land in Germany,” Minister of Agriculture, Christian Schmidt wrote in a letter he submitted to the EU Commission, according to Die Zeit newspaper.
German agriculture officials have cited the possibility that GMO plants risk contaminating local crops.

This article originally appeared in: RT

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