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EU Wants Normal Relations With Russia

EU seems to be impressed with Putin’s actions in Syria: EU’s president of the commission Jean-Claude Juncker say suddenly that EU’s relationship with Russia must not be dictated by the US. He demands a ‘normalisation’ of the relationship with Russia and an end to the sanctions.

09.10.2015. / 13:19:10

Photo: dpa

He favours an ‘easing of tensions’ with Russia and said on Thursday in Passau (Germany): ‘We have to seek a workable relationship with Russia. This is not sexy but it is needed. We can’t go on like this anymore.’
One need not to agree on everything but a reasonable basis for talks needs to be established, he said. ‘The Russians are proud people and the country need to ‘play a role’ and one must not push them aside otherwise they’ll ‘come back’ very quickly as we have seen’, he argued.
He also criticised that US president Barack Obama referred to Russia as a ‘regional power’. One needs to treat Russia decently. We can’t have US dictate our relationship with Russia’, he said.
This statement is remarkable. Until now the EU has claimed that the sanctions against Russia were in full accordance with the US. However, US vice president Biden had said some time ago that the US had to push the EU to introduce sanctions on Russia. Juncker’s statements seem to support Biden’s version now.

der Bundespolizei für Flüchtlinge in Passau.

This article originally appeared in: deutsche-wirtschafts-nachrichten.de

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