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EU Signs Association Agreement With Territory It Severed From Serbia

Puts its sanction on Crimea and Russia in perspective. 1999 western Europeans bombed Serbia, then occupied its Kosovo province and facilitated its severing from Serbia - illegal under international law

29.10.2015. / 18:24:58

Source: Russia Insider

Photo: EU External Action

Deal opens the way for Kosovo to start negotiations on the EU membership.


“Signing Stabilisation and Association Agreement with #Kosovo. Important day for our relations,” Mogherini said on Twitter.


Kosovo Albanians delared independence from Serbia in February 2008 with US backing and under NATO protection. Their state has since been recognized by about one half of UN members - US and its allies and most of the tiny Pacific and Caribbean nations.


Others, including Russia, China, India and five EU member states continue to maintain that Kosovo legally remains a part of Serbia from which it was severed.

This article originally appeared in: Russia Insider

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