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Is Sultan’s Act of Cowerdice Burying NATO...?

Are European NATO members really keen on defending Sultan’s values against Russia...?

27.11.2015. / 15:55:58

After Turkey shot down the Russian SU24 European citizens and politicians have been asking themselves: who are these people (Turkey) that we’d have to defend if they start a war with Russia…?

Are we Europeans really keen to go to war with Russia and defend the values of…:

-A Country/People who shoot an unarmed (with no air-to-air missles) Russian SU24 over Syria, where it is fighting terrorists, who killed over 130 people in Paris and brought down a Russian airplane with tourists on board in Egypt…?
-People who support Turkmen terrorists in Syria, calling them their brothers and sisters. The same people who while shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ shoot at the SU24 pilot still hanging on his parachute and kill him…?
-A Sultan who jails journalists, who reveal that weapons are delivered from Turkey to ISIS…?
-The Sultan family who is doing business with ISIS, buying and selling their oil, thus financing their terrorist activities…?

Well, going by the comments in social media and on news portals the answer to these questions is NO. Europeans don’t want to go to war with Russia and defend a country and people with the above listed values.

Or as the German Vice-Chancellor Gabriel puts it: ‘…there is an unpredictable player in the region now and it is not Russia, it's Turkey…’

Well, it’ll be very difficult for NATO to persuade Europeans to go to war with Russia and defend Sultan’s values and it might well be that this is the beginning of the end od NATO as we’ve known it.

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