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Europe Rewards Sultan’s Blackmail-Policies...

Today’s concessions - 3bn euros to stop the refugee influx and the re-start of Turkey's EU accession talks - made by the EU on the 'Refugee-Summit' can be seen as a reward for Turkey’s blackmail-policies using refugees and geo-political interests of NATO as means to reach political goals.

29.11.2015. / 19:18:13


The so-called ‘Refugee-Summit’ produced some remarkable results today, for Turkey. Turkey will get some 3bn Euros to prevent refugees from coming to Europe. Not only that, the accession negotiations that the EU and Turkey started in 1999, but never really took off, will get a new momentum. No wonder Davutoglu called it a ‘Historical Day’ for the EU-Turkey relationship.

How is it possible that Europe gave in to Turkey’s blackmailing…? And how is it possible that Europe forgot about its values and now rewards the dictator in Ankara, who not only surpresses freedom but openly supports terrorists in neighbouring Syria…?

What seems to be more and more obvious is that EU is not running the European show anymore. This has been taken over by NATO. It actually became obvious with the surprising and speedy EU-membership of Romania and Bulgaria in 2007. Back then NATO rewarded the two countries for opening their skies for NATO bombers during the illegal bombing of Serbia in 1999 and not surprisingly in October 1999 the European Commission recommended to start EU accession negotiations with the two countries. Three years later they joined NATO and in 2007 the EU. To the surprise of all experts, since the two countries never met any of the EU standards needed to join the EU.

There is a similar situation on the South-East flank of NATO now. Disobedient Syria with its leadership is threatening the US neo-con interests in the Middle East. The situation for the neo-cons became unbearable after Russia joined Syria in its fight against the Turkey sponsored terrorists and has been threatening to defeat the terrorists. Which would not only restore Syria’s sovereignty but also strengthen Russia's influence in the region. For the neo-cons who run NATO this is a nightmare scenario come true. Turkey, fully aware of the strategic geopolitical interests of the neo-cons running NATO, uses this opportunity to blackmail the EU that is struggling with the refugee influx and gets away with it.

Turkey will get 3bn Euro to keep the refugees away from Europe and in not so distant future we will have Turkey as a new EU member.

The question is, will such an EU last...?

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