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Is Germany Backstabbing Sultan Erdogan...?

The main German media outlets cover Putin's accusations that Turkey is supporting the IS. All in lock step, got their marching orders from 'somewhere'...?

01.12.2015. / 00:22:30


I just went through the major German online news outlets (Spiegel, Welt, Focus, FAZ and n-t-v) and to my surprise all of them have almost the same headline: 'Putin claims that Turkey is supporting the IS by buying their Oil and that's why they shot down the SU24.'

Die Welt even claims that Erdogan proposed to step down, if those accusations had any grounds. It seems that Germany is backstabbing Sultan Erdogan. It could well be that at the 'Climate-Summit' in Paris some sort of deal has been struck: We give you Sultan's head in return for Assad's...!!!

Why else would German main stream media walk in lock step on this issue...?


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